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Motorcycle Roller Brake Tester

Elevate the Excitement with Revolutionary Motorcycle Brake Testing

The SAFELANE BIKE PC B Motorcycle Roller Brake Tester from Hofmann is an essential tool for collision repair shops that work on motorcycles, offering comprehensive and accurate brake testing while enhancing safety and ensuring regulatory compliance. It addresses the specific needs of motorcycle repair, providing precise, real-time data on braking performance, which allows shops to quickly identify brake-related issues and take preventive action with streamlined repairs.


Control Unit Integration (E box): 
The SAFELANE BIKE PC B Motorcycle Roller Brake Tester features an integrated control unit within the control cabinet for convenient and efficient operation.

Galvanised Roller Set: 
The roller set is galvanised, providing robust corrosion resistance, and ensuring long-lasting durability.

Rollers with Expanded Metal Mesh and Plastic Coating: 
The rollers are equipped with expanded metal mesh and a durable plastic coating, enhancing traction and longevity.

Prepared for Weighing System: 
The brake tester comes prepared for a weighing system, offering the option to incorporate weight measurement capabilities.

Splash-Proof Motor: 
Its motor is designed to be splash-proof, ensuring reliable performance even in damp conditions.

Rust-Proof Feeler Rolls: 
The feeler rolls are rust-proof, maintaining precision and accuracy over time.

Interface for Printer: 
The brake tester includes an interface for a printer, simplifying data documentation and reporting.

Determination of Rolling Friction (Heavy Brake):
 It can accurately determine rolling friction under heavy braking conditions.

Determination of Ovality (Drum/Disc):
This brake tester can assess the ovality of both drum and disc brakes, aiding in comprehensive brake system analysis.