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geodyna 7300p wheel balancer
geodyna Series

geodyna® 7300P

Car Wheel Balancer with LED Display

A semi-automatic powerhouse, the geodyna 7300P wheel balancer from Hofmann® is ready to tackle any task with unmatched efficiency. Featuring an integrated LED display and control panel ingeniously positioned within the weight tray, this balancer effortlessly delivers precise results without compromising on simplicity. The result is a seamless balancing process that uses smartSonar™ technology to intelligently detect the wheel width and enter it into the system automatically. Cutting-edge EasyWeight™ laser technology reveals the exact weight placement on the wheel, enhancing productivity further and elevating overall efficiency of the operation. Driven by electromechanical prowess, our exclusive Power Clamp™ wheel clamping system firmly secures the wheel, ensuring pinpoint precision and consistently solid results. Equip your shop for unparallelled wheel service capabilities that will propel your profits to new heights, with the geodyna 7300P wheel balancing machine.

easy weight
Streamlining weight placement, this precision-focused system eliminates the guesswork. It employs a laser to precisely indicate the exact location for weight application, ensuring meticulous balancing and accurate results.
power clamp for wheel aligner
Utilizing advanced electromechanical technology, this balancer incorporates a power clamping device that consistently and reliably secures the wheel with a constant force. This ensures exceptional accuracy and repeatable results every time.
quick balance feature of wheel aligner
Engineered for optimal performance, this feature intelligently adjusts the number of revolutions according to each wheel's specifications. Operating at maximum speed, it effectively reduces cycle time, delivering swift and efficient results.
geodyna 7600_7400_7340_7200_7100
Equipped with a user-friendly gauge arm, this system facilitates data entry with easyALU™ assisted rim measurement technology. Technicians simply touch the rim with the gauge arm, and the system automatically enters the rim dimensions and selects the appropriate weight-balancing mode.
smart sonar for wheel balancer
This intelligent system utilizes sonar sensors to automatically detect the rim width, eliminating the need for manual input and reducing the possibility of errors. By streamlining the process, it enhances efficiency and accuracy.
split weight mode for wheel balancer
This feature ensures accurate balancing and discreet weight concealment behind spokes, maintaining wheel aesthetic appeal and visual presentation.
42" | 107cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
154 lbs. | 70 kg
Max. Wheel Weight
230V 50/60Hz
Power Supply
72"x34"x52" | 183x87x131cm
Dimensions HxWxL
20" | 51cm
Max. Rim Width

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