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monty 3300 20 tire changer
Rim Clamping

monty® 3300-20 SMART GP PLUS

Tilt Tower Tyre Changer

Designed to excel in the tyre-changing process with utmost precision and optimal performance, the 3300-20 smartSpeed™ GP Plus from Hofmann® ensures that tyre-changing processes are conducted with maximum efficiency.

Utilising a tilt-tower design, this tyre changer provides more than sufficient clearance, ensuring seamless loading of tyres onto the turntable. The 3300-20 smartSpeed™ GP Plus boasts an intelligently positioned pedal, which operates a robust and user-friendly bead breaker shovel, so effortless bead breaking is assured for both traditional and high-aspect tyres. This practical and highly-effective tyre changer, with its topside bead seater and "plus" accessories kit, stands out as a tilt-tower marvel, ready to take on tyre-changing tasks with remarkable capability and proficiency.

bead breaker for tire changer
On-Floor Bead Breaker
A conventional side-shovel bead breaker, featuring an ergonomically positioned pedal control situated a small distance from the shovel bead, is the quickest solution for efficiently handling a range of tyres.
parts to configure tire changer
PLUS Configuration
Endorsed by WDK certification, the "Plus" models incorporate Pneumatic Bead Assist in conjunction with the "Plus" Accessories Kit, facilitating the precise mounting and demounting of UHP and run-flat tyres.
tilt tower on a tire changer
Utilising a pneumatic design, this feature maximises clearance for efficient placement of the tyre onto the turntable.
bead seater for tire changer
Top-Side Bead Seater
This ergonomically-designed precision tool injects a forceful blast of compressed air into the tyre, swiftly elevating the tyre bead and seamlessly sealing it onto the rim. With an airtight connection secured, this innovative nozzle is a sophisticated approach to maintaining the integrity of the tyre-rim interface.
13" | 33cm
Max. Tyre Width
39" | 100cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
400V 3ph 50Hz 5,5A
Power Supply
63"x73"x35" | 160x85x90cm
Dimensions HxWxD
116-174 PSI | 8-12 bar
Air Pressure Required
22" | 56cm
Max. Rim Diameter
12" | 31cm
Max. Rim Width

EEWH765AEP monty® 3300-20 SMART PLUS no tsbs
EEWH765AE9 monty® 3300-20 SMART EM no tsbs, plus kit
EEWH765AE1 monty® 3300-20 SMART no tsbs, plus kit, em
EEWH765AEG monty® 3300-20 SMART GP no plus kit


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