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safelane 306 break tester
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SAFELANE® 206/306-RP

Professional PC Based Test Lane

SAFELANE® 206/306-RP: 
Advanced Test Lane for Cars, Vans, and Light Trucks

The SAFELANE 206/306-RP from Hofmann is a versatile and efficient alignment system designed to facilitate precise and accurate measurements in collision repair shops. It incorporates a user-friendly interface and comprehensive software, ensuring accessibility for technicians with varying levels of expertise. This system provides detailed vehicle reports, contributing to post-repair quality control, and its adaptability to different vehicle types and configurations makes it an essential tool for achieving optimal alignment and safety standards. Functioning as a professional test lane with a PC-based platform, its modular configuration provides the flexibility needed to meet diverse shop requirements. The system's versatility in accommodating a range of vehicle types and configurations distinguishes the SAFELANE 206/306-RP  as the preferred choice for achieving the highest standards of alignment precision and safety.


Brake Tester - Roller Set: 
The SAFELANE® 206/306-RP test lane boasts a brake tester with a compact, galvanised roller set, suitable for outdoor installation. Rollers are available in level designs with either a coating or steel, featuring an exclusive SmoothGrip design. Rust-proof feeler rolls enhance reliability, and wear-free strain-gauge load cells ensure precise measurements. An electric automatic drive-off aid simplifies driving off the rollers, with splash-proof motors (5 kW for 206-RP, 3.7 kW for 306-RP). The system supports 4WD mode with automatic detection and allows dual-direction testing, facilitating testing from both sides.

Control Unit RP-Box: 
The RP-Box serves as the technological core of the system, incorporating the latest technology for maximum flexibility. Wireless communication with display modules enables easy installation, while a lockable main switch ensures external access. A radio remote control simplifies operation in various conditions.

Display Modules - Workstation: 
The workstation features a design reminiscent of Snap-on tool storage, ensuring a uniform appearance in shops. Equipped with wheels (two with brakes), it supports VESA monitor mounting and includes an integrated power supply module. The package includes a control unit (PC), keyboard, mouse, 27" TFT flat monitor, and an A4 inkjet printer. It also accommodates the use of portable controller devices like tablet PCs and offers an extended software package.

Display Modules - Virtual Analogue: 
An alternative to the workstation, these display modules come in two versions, 32" and 42" TFT flat monitors. They can be wall-mounted or placed on stands and come with a basic software package. An outdoor installation version is available.

Additional Modules: 
The SAFELANE® 206/306-RP test lane offers various additional modules, including a suspension tester with the Eusama principle and a compact design with an 800 mm test plate width. There's also a suspension tester with the Theta principle and a noise research module. Additionally, a side-slip tester is available in both 500mm and 1000mm lengths, providing comprehensive testing capabilities.